Someone Had A Roach Funeral And It’s Hilarious (Video)

a roach funeral

No, this is not a joke! This video of a roach funeral has been going around all day on social media and it’s hilarious. Come on guys, you have to give the person who sat down, got some candles, made a makeshift roach size casket for the little guy and found two of his friends to mourn, huge credit. This video will go down as one of the crazies things I have seen today.

I’m going to officially look at roaches differently now but has anyone noticed how huge these things are?

Are there more roach funerals?

After watching this video, something sparked my interest. Are there more roach funerals? Yes, there are! I used the google machine and found so many other photos of roach memorials that it left my mouth wide open in amazement. Is this a new things?


A roach funeral

Can you imagine how befuddled I am right now, I just wrong an article about before and after plastic surgery photos and here I am writing another post about roach funerals. My life is so weird, it’s only because I love you guys!

I have an idea!

What would happen if I search for a roach funeral on YouTube?

Wow! I’m logging off right now. I’m done for today!

What do you think?


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