In My Feelings Challenge Goes Wrong (Videos)

In my feelings challenge gone wrong

Want to see what happens when the In My Feelings Challenge goes wrong? First, you have to get up to date on how this trend started and why.


I’m sure you guys have heard about “Do the Shiggy” aka In my feelings challenge by now and if you haven’t, there is so much for you to get caught up with.

In my feelings challenge goes wrong

A comedian called Shoker has a show on Instagram called The Shiggy Show started this viral trend that involves dancing outside a moving vehicle to Drake’s In my feelings song from his latest Scorpion album. This trend has been going viral for the 3rd week right now and it seems as if it’s not going to lose any steam for quite some time.

Here is a video of Shoker (The Shiggy Show) on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne and the breakfast crew showing them how to “Do the Shiggy”

What happens when the In My Feelings Challenge goes wrong?

We made a post about the top 10 best In My Feelings Challenge videos but it seems like everyone is now searching for videos of what happens when this challenge goes wrong.

You can search social media far and wide and see a whole lot of people attempting to try this challenge and came very close to seriously hurting themselves. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that getting out of your car while your car is in motion is dangerous just for a dance challenge. Do I have to say it again in bold letters for everyone to see?

Jumping out of a moving car is dangerous!

Just thought you guys should know this, your vehicle can injure you or worse can happen.

Hopefully, this challenge will end soon and we can go back to fluffing our dogs with blankets again. I’m talking about the What the Fluff Challenge. That was a pretty save challenge, except for the feelings our animals. Some of them really thought their owners disappeared.


There are lots of fake videos going around out there that will show people getting hit by cars doing this in my feelings challenge that look very realistic. Don’t fall for it guys!

One of our Shiggy challenge compilation videos got over 300k views on Youtube, so check it out and make sure subscribe to NoWayGirlTV on YouTube.


Do you want to see more videos of what happens when the in my feelings challenge goes wrong? let us know in the comments below.

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