10 Funny Fortnite Videos That Will Give You Life

Let these 10 epic funny Fortnite videos from YouTube give you dull and boring life a little joy. Fortnite is a  co-op sandbox survival game that was released on July 25, 2017 and exploded virally to gamers and non-gamers, seriously. I have never played this game but because I have seen so many clips on social media, it sparked my interest. I had to investigate and explore what this game of survival was all about. So like any warm blooded dummy, I jumped on YouTube. Here is what I’ve found.

1. Bring on the pain and fails

2. High kill blitz

3. Epic moments

So far I have spent just over 100 hours of watching Fortnite videos and I have enjoyed it so much that it never crossed my mind that I just just get up off my lazy butt and head on down to Best Buy or GameStop and get the game for myself. Yes, I’m that stupid.

 Funny Fortnite videos is life!

Funny Fortnite videos
I’m stupid

Here are some more funny Fortnite videos down below that I’ve spent wasting my precious time watching.

4. Hilarious WTF Fortnite moments


5. I have discovered trolling.

After watching countless more hours of Fornite trolling videos, I was definitely hooked on a game I have never physically played. Is that even possible? There’s more.

6. What did Fortnite do to my life?

7. I’m hooked

8. Even more fails

9. Watching Fortnite videos is my new hobby

10. Is there any other meaning to life?

Okay I’ve had enough. I think if I was to ever buy this game, I would get hooked like everyone else so I will just stick to watching the epic fail videos and awesome gameplay from the Fortnite YouTube community. Let me know what you guys think, should I buy the game or should I stick to crappy blogging, which I also suck at. Let me know down in the comments.

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