Funniest Bird Box Challenge Videos

Funniest Bird Box Challenge Videos

If you haven’t watched the new Netflix movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, you’re missing out. Here are some of the funniest Bird Box challenge videos from Twitter.

What is Bird Box?

Netflix’s new movie Bird Box was released last week just a few days before Christmas. It’s a movie about an unseen presence that drives the majority of society to commit suicide by showing you your greatest fears.

Funniest Bird Box Challenge Videos

I didn’t think the movie would go viral so quickly on social media. It’s a great movie but I think the ending didn’t satisfy me. I don’t want to leave any spoilers for you guys, please go and watch it yourself.

What is the Bird Box Challenge?

So in this movie, there are invisible creatures that are never shown, but somehow people in the movie can see them perfectly and if you look at it, you will somehow see something so hideous that it will make you commit suicide.

Some movie critics say the creatures show you your deepest fears but that is still up for debate in my opinion. There are some people in the movie who can see them without killing themselves but those people are described as being mentally insane or troubled.

People resort to blinding themselves and wearing blindfolds in the movie so they can’t see this strange and hideous entity.

Funniest Bird Box Challenge Videos

Sandra Bullock and her kids in the movie can be seen running from these creatures wearing blindfolds and social media couldn’t help themselves but to make fun of the scary situation.

We made a quick clip of some of these videos, we hope you enjoy it.

Bird Box Challenge

Move over Shiggy Challenge, it seems like this new Bird Box Challenge might be here for a short while.

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