Bless This Doggo Who Stole A GoPro Camera

Bless this goddo

I went on my Twitter this morning and I saw a tweet from Jon Christian that said: “Bless this doggo who stole a go pro camera.”

This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in a long time and it made many Twitter users very happy. With over 271,587 retweets and 743,850 likes, it must be worth awesome!

Bless this doggo

Jon posted a tweet of this video below but it didn’t have any sound at first. I went to r/Zoomies on Reddit (Zoomies has everything animal related) and found the clip with sound for you guys.

The only reason we have a GoPro… from Zoomies

This cute pup can be seen making a clean getaway with a GoPro camera in his mouth. The best part of this video is watching him make decisions on where to run next. You can see someone trying to chase him at every few seconds but this little pup was too fast.

It looks like the dog owner strapped a GoPro camera to a table tennis paddle for him to hold on to.

These GoPro cameras were originally designed for sports enthusiasts. The owner¬†Nick Woodman, came up with the idea when he went surfing in Australia. Many amateur photographers couldn’t get close enough to the action.

Bless This Doggo

I’m glad someone thought of a different use. We should design more cameras just for dogs to run around and play with.

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