Dog Doing The In My Feelings Challenge

Dog Doing the in my feelings challenge

I thought these in my feelings challenge videos would be over and done with but I was wrong. People are now using their pets, here is a dog doing the in my feelings challenge.

This is probably the best Shiggy Challange that I have seen so far. Someone really trained their dog to walk beside the car and do it for Keke.

Can your pet do this?

I saw a video of a camel doing the shiggy challenge and one with an African style to it but this dog wins the day.

We have seen so many challengeĀ videos because of Drake and the Shiggy show, I started to get tired of them all.

If people are now going to use their pets and continue to make these challengeĀ videos, it’s going to be awesome. I don’t think these In my feelings challengeĀ videos are going to end soon.

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