Some Lady Called The Police Over Food Stamps

Called the police over food stamps

I think this is the season for recording people. There is a video going around on social media of a lady in a shopping market that called the police over food stamps.

Seriously guys can’t we all just mind our own business sometimes. From the video, it looks like a white lady was listening to a conversation the black lady was having on her cell phone.

She really called the police over food stamps?

Hearing someone say they are going to sell their food stamps is still no reason to call the police, you’re wasting tax dollars and the cops valuable time.

Now that basically every mobile phone has a camera and is capable of recording, Americans are recording their daily lives and that also included daily challenges.

Build the wall?

For some reason, the woman brings up President Trump’s point of building a wall on the southern border. I have no idea what that has to do with this black lady and her food stamps. Will the wall stop black people from entering the country and going on food stamps or maybe this lady is just crazy like many other Americans?

Is this a new trend in The United States, or do you think after Donald Trump was elected, people feel it’s okay to bring out their inner hate to the public? Do you think she should have called the police over food stamps?

Do you guys remember BBQ Becky, Jogger Joe, Coupon Carl and Permit Patty? That’s fine if you don’t because I did all the research for you. Let me take you down memory lane.

Not so much a memory, these events only happy just a few short months ago.

Alison Ettel aka Permit Patty

Doesn’t this video above remind you of that Permit Patty video that shows a woman calling the cops on a girl selling water? Alison Ettel who is also called #PermitPatty by social media called the police on an 8-year-old girl who didn’t have a permit for selling beverages outside of an apartment in San Francisco.

Alison can be seen on video saying the little girl was “Illegally selling water without a permit”. The child’s mother can also be heard saying “You can hide all you want but the whole world is going to see you boo.”

Isn’t entrepreneurship the backbone of America? The irony of it all, Ettel was also a cannabis entrepreneur herself that sells THC tinctures for dogs? After the video went viral she resigned from her own company.


Jennifer Schulte aka BBQ Becky

Earlier this year, Jennifer Schulte and also known on social media as “BBQ Becky” called the police on a group of black people who were barbecuing at a park in Oakland.

Michelle Snider recorded the confrontation of a white woman who approached a black man named Deacon for having a BBQ grill at the lake next to the park. Schulte told Deacon that he couldn’t use charcoal out of the designated area.


Jennifer was approached by another black lady walking by who overheard the confrontation and told Schulte to stop harassing Deacon and to leave them alone.

Shortly after Deacon’s friend Kenzie arrived Jennifer starting to use racial slurs towards the 3 black people and told them that she is the owner of the park and that they are going to jail.

Since this incident, BBQ Becky memes can be seen all over social media. They are even funnier than those baby Cardi B memes.

BBQ Becky
BBQ Becky

I think Becky got exactly what she deserved and that’s a whole storm of bad press and ridicule from social media. I’m sure, up to this day, people see her on the street and walk the other way or call her by the name that was given to her by the Twittersphere.

We know BBQ Becky would have called the police over food stamps.

Jogger Joe

If those videos above made you upset, this one is definitely going to make you pull out your hair.

Someone caught a video of a jogger throwing a homeless man’s belongings into Lake Merrit in Oakland, California.


I told you this video would make you upset.

It also made California residents and social media upset as well. Maybe we need more people to record videos like these and somehow it will spark a conversation about race, equality, and homelessness in this country.

In the video above you can see a shirtless jogger going through a homeless man’s items and throwing them into the lake. You can see the homeless man trying to stop the jogger but he replied: “I’m picking up trash, what do you want me to do?”

This makes me sad. Don’t worry though, what goes around comes around. Karma is definitely real.

Coupon Carl

A CVS employee in Chicago called the police on a black woman who tried to pay for her items with a suspicious coupon.


Carl can be seen in the in the video shaking while calling the police, it’s almost as if he’s being held up by a gun but it was a coupon. Can you imagine how difficult your job is if you have to call the cops for someone who is using a coupon?

Coupon Carl was fired from CVS after this encounter and I think it was justified. Calling the police over a coupon is really reckless and stupid. This is even dumber than the lady that called the police over food stamps.

What do you think?


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