Top 10 Southern California Heat Wave Problems

southern california heat wave

If you’re waking up and wondering why #LAHeatwave is trending today, it’s because our friends in the west are literally experiencing hell on earth. Well sorta. Here are 10 photos that will visually explain to you how hot this Southern California heat wave is right now. I thought Las Vegas was hot but wow! When Tupac rapped about California Love, I didn’t think he was talking about the heat. Good luck Cali!

1. I really thought it was a clock

southern california heat wave

2. It’s red for more dramatic effect.

3. The fan is just not enough.

4. You want to literally shoot the sun?

southern california heat wave

5. 133 Degrees! Wow!

6. We have Southern California heat wave memes

7. Hey honey I’m bringing a pool home

8. At least we don’t need a stove

9. I’ll be in the freezer

10. Ice Ice Baby

But seriously guys this heat wave in California is no joke. Please stay indoors in air conditioning if you can and drink lots of water. Don’t forget that you pets can injure their paws from the hot pavement when you take them out for a walk. You want to protect your pets feet when it’s this hot outside.

The crazy thing about this, it’s just the beginning of summer and Californians are taking tropical vacations to Mexico where it’s warm just to get away from this extreme heat. Freaking Hot Mexico!

Stay safe California, I won’t be visiting you anytime soon but at least you can fry an egg on the street if you get hungry. Sometimes you have to look at the bright side of things. Let us know what you think about this crazy Southern California heat wave in the comments below and if you’re from Cali, send us a plane ticket. Nahhh just kidding! We’re not coming!

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