Jay Z Is The Most Unintentional Funniest Person Ever

Have you guys noticed that Jay Z is hilarious just doing regular things people do everyday? A photo of Jay Z riding a jet ski with a helmet on has been going around on social media this week and it made us think about all the other photos of Jigga doing normal things that makes us laugh.

It’s now a known fact that Jay Z is the most unintentional funniest person alive. As well as being my favorite hip hop artist of course.

1. Just sitting down

2. Wearing an ushanka.

3. Jay Z taking a selfie

4. Throwing a football.

5. Jay Z riding a jet ski with a helmet

6. Riding a bicycle

7. Diving in a swimming pool

8. Spinning a basketball.

Look at Beyonce’s face in that last photo, even she knows everything her husband does is hilarious. What do you think guys, do you also find everything that Jay Z does unintentionally a little bit hilarious? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, check out these¬†9 Hilarious Photos That Will Leave You With A Smile

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