Hot Ghetto Mess Pictures Of The Summer (2018 Edition)

hot ghetto mess

I know you guys miss those hot ghetto mess posts from our old NoWayGirl website and since we made the switch to the new site, we thought it might be a good idea to give you guys a trip down memory lane.

Take a quick break from watching all of those In My Feelings Challenge videos and have a look at these top 20 hot ghetto mess pictures of the summer.

1. No to guns hairstyle

hot ghetto mess hairstyle

This looks like a hairstyle dedicated to saying no to guns. You have to be very talented to make a machine gun out of hair weave but no matter how amazing it is, it’s still a hot ghetto mess.

2. This is definitely hot ghetto mess material

machine gun hairstyle weave

Maybe this could be the future of warfare? Nah come on I can stop laughing at this ghetto hairstyle. This is one of the most ratchet things I have seen for the summer.

3. Would you wear it?

gun weave

I’m sure everyone is wondering, how will she get sleep at night and how is she going to get inside her car? What do you think will happen if she goes through TSA wearing this hairstyle?

4. Indoor pool on the cheap

swimming pool in the house

What do you do when it’s too hot to go outside and the temperature keeps rising like the heat wave is doing in Southern California right now? That’s right, you get an inflatable pool and you put it inside your living room right next to your flat screen television and a large fan.

5. Ramen noodle soup outfit

ramen noodles outfit

This Ramen Noodle outfit will probably go down in history as the hottest ghetto mess picture of the summer. I love Ramen but I don’t think I would go anywhere in public wearing this thing.

6. Side Chick baskets

side chick gift baskets

If you’re going to buy your wife or girlfriend a gift basket, you better make sure you got one for your side chick as well. I guess so many men have side chicks these days that there will be a need for another section at department stores. Can you imagine a side chick section in Macy’s? That would be hilarious.

7. At work on your day off

ghetto taco bell

I’m sorry guys, I really can’t explain this picture. I could only hope that Taco Bell called her into work on her day off, I can’t think of any other explanation. Maybe it was to wear your pajamas to work day.

8. Grandma’s church hat is lit!

crazy church hat

This church hat reminds me of the wire bead maze wooden toy many of us played with as a kid. You know grandma spent a huge about of money on this hat.

9. Your toes are a hot ghetto mess

painted on nails slippers

If your toes are a hot ghetto mess and you haven’t had time to get a pedicure, these shoes will come in handy. Your feet and nails are painted on the shoes itself so no matter how raggedy your paws look, your shoes will cover them. It’s ghetto but also a great idea.

10. Drugstore makeup fail

hot ghetto mess makeup

I don’t know if she’s using drugstore makeup or not but this is definitely a photo that I can’t stop looking at. This is the biggest makeup fail I have seen for the entire year, and I’ve seen a whole lot of crazy things on the internet.

11. When bae needs you to come right away

guy on the plane wing

This guy holding on the wing of a jet aircraft made it on to this list of hot ghetto mess photos of the summer after I saw it scrolled down my newsfeed. Some guy in Atlanta decided he needed to catch a flight right away.

12. I don’t want the potato salad

potato salad in the sink

This is why I’m so afraid to eat at someone’s house that you don’t know. There are people out there who really make potato salad in the kitchen sink. It’s scary!

13. You can’t eat from just anyone

cat on the kitchen counter

This lady has her cat on the counter with its tail just sitting in baking dishes. You’re going to wonder why those pies taste like kitty litter when they come out of the oven.

14. What’s going on here?

girl in the tree

I guess this is what happens when you tell your photographer than you want your photo shoot to be completely different from anything else you have ever seen before. You go, girl!

15. You know it’s hot when

air condition in the car

I’m going to have to do this to my own car soon because the heat is so much that the a/c in the car can’t produce enough cool air to combat the heat. It’s definitely still a hot ghetto mess though.

16. Weave on the line

weave on the clothes line

You might be ghetto if you hang out your weave on the clothesline. Ladies I might be wrong because I’m a guy and I don’t have much knowledge with weaves but hanging them out to dry outside is just weird to me. Am I wrong?

17. McDonald’s in the hood

ghetto macdonalds

I would love to have my own McDonald’s sign in my yard, I think that would be the coolest, ratchet, ghetto and craziest thing ever!

18. You’re too heavy for that horse

guy riding a small pony in the hood

I feel so sad for this poor little horse, this guy knows he’s much too heavy for that little guy. ABC’s of miniature horses says these little animals can only carry between 60 and 80 pounds, this guy is more than double that. I’m sad and he’s a hot ghetto mess for doing it.

19. Rent a Michael Kors bag

rent a mk bag

Ladies if you can’t afford a Michael Kors bag, you can rent one weekly and show it off to your co-workers. I think you should save up for your own handbag. Rent King is a hot ghetto mess for doing this.

20. Lock up the spam

spam inside security containers

If the spam in your neighboorhood grocery store is locked away like this, you might be living in a real shady part of town or the people in your city has a real deep and passionate relationship with spam.

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