North Korea Is Building New Missiles Again

North Korea is building new missiles again, just a few weeks after Donald Trump said on Twitter that “North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat.”

U.S. spy agencies have received newly obtained evidence from satellite images that prove North Korea is building missiles. Two large liquid-fueled ICBM rockets were seen in Sanumdong, just outside of Pyongyang.

North Korea is building new missiles
North Korea Satellite Image via Washington Post

During the summit in June, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un signed an agreement to work toward denuclearization. However, since the agreement was signed, North Korea has made no effort towards disarming their nuclear weapons.

From The Washington Post

Senior North Korean officials have discussed their intention to deceive Washington about the number of nuclear warheads and missiles they have, as well as the types and numbers of facilities, and to rebuff international inspectors, according to intelligence gathered by U.S. agencies.

Some analysts think the Trump administration misread North Korea’s intentions. “North Korea is not going to give up their nuclear weapons,” one independent analyst said.

“They are negotiating for recognition of their nuclear weapons. They’re willing to put up with certain limits, like no nuclear testing and no ICBM testing. What they’re offering is: They keep the bomb, but they stop talking about it.”

North Korea got me in my feelings again. Read more on this report from the Washington Post.

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