12 Funny Memes About Relationships You Can Relate To

Relationships! Where do I begin? Every since the beginning of time, we were designed to share our lives with other beings in the universe, I don’t know why this has to be but it seems like if we don’t commit ourselves in a relationship, life can get pretty boring if you don’t have someone to spend it with. It’s only my opinion guys but I tried to stay single for long periods of time and I get hella bored. I am sure some of you are saying you can stay single forever but I don’t believe you.

With that said, relationships has it’s ups and downs but for the most part, all of our relationship problems are related. So here are 12 funny memes about relationships that you can relate with. I hope you enjoy these like I did.

1. We can definitely relate to this one!

funny memes about relationships

2. Ladies we are really taking a nap.

3. Look at you blushing

4. Wake up and spend some time with me

5. She’s ready to argue about anything

6. Good luck with that

7. My middle name is conclusions

8. You know it’s true

9. I’m guilty of doing this

10. Can I take a bath?

funny memes about relationships

11. You gotta peep it quickly

12. Just ignore it and hope she forgets


Did you guys enjoy the funny memes about relationships? Most of us don’t have that Beyonce and Jay helmet wearing kinda weird relationship but we work with what we have. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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