13 Best Buy Memes You Need To See Right Now

Best Buy Memes

I went to Best Buy this morning to purchase a new camera bag for my DSLR. The photo of that Best Buy dog meme came to my head while one of the employees approached me. It suddenly came to me, find the funniest Best Buy memes from around the internet and make a huge post about them.

Talking to the employee, I understood what the confused look in that dog’s face really meant. Don’t ask a Best Buy employee for anything other than an HDMI cable, because that’s probably the look you will get.

I got that same look this morning, I hope you guys can relate to these.

1. One of my favorite Best Buy Memes

Best Buy Memes

This is one of those know it all Best Buy employee memes that grinds my gears and definitely one of the main reasons I switched from PC to an Apple. I found this one on Memegenerator.

2. Talk about our Lord

Excuse Me Sir Best Buy Meme

We have all seen those Microsoft employees in white shirts trying to convince every person they meet in the store to buy an Xbox One. They really want to show you the reasons why their console is so much better than Playstation.

If you’re still contemplating on which one to buy, just do your own research on the internet. Make your own set of pros and cons for your decisions.

Both of them are great gaming consoles.

3. Clueless Best Buy Employee

Best Buy Employee Dog Meme

Someone photoshopped a Pomeranian dog in a blue shirt with a Best Buy logo. It’s still going viral today.

Confession of a former Best Buy Employee

I was looking around for memes and I found a post from a former employee named FlammedBoi on Imgur.

“When I was hired, Best Buy offered paid training. My eyes shone like stars as I imagined all the cool things I would learn about the latest gadgets and technology. I would be given insider info, and all the facts needed to recommend the best product for each customer.”

Additionally, FlammedBoi said the latter half of his training was basically sales techniques on how to sell products. However, nothing was said about the products themselves.

Welcome to best buy meme

“In fact, most of the employees knew jacksh*t about the products. If someone was to come into a Best Buy and take away all the yellow labels (with the price and specs) at the bottom of the shelves, I’m pretty certain that the entire store would be filled with blue polo-wearing monkeys scratching their heads in confusion.”

Lets get back to the Best Buy memes.

4. Reading the labels

Best Buy reading the label employee

Like FlammedBoi said in the quote earlier, Best Buy employees only read the yellow labels. The whole place would go haywire if someone came into the store and took all the labels away.

5. You need a new computer

Your computer is slow

Nope, you don’t need to upgrade your memory, hard drive, or fix any software problems. This is always the go-to solution for every device you bring to Best Buy for repairs. Can’t I just fix what I currently have?

6. Grandma spent too much money

Only plays solitare

Grandma is that person who buys an overpriced machine fitted out with all the new features. No grandma, you do not need an advanced gaming rig with maxed out specs just to play solitaire.

7. These Best Buy employee memes are the truth

Listening to a best buy employee

The look same exact look I gave why my pre-ordered phone wasn’t in. It wasn’t so bad though, I was told to come back in a few hours and to my surprise, they had it.

8. Mr. Know it all

You need a gaming PC

Mr. know it all Best Buy employee is the worst employee of them all. They think they know everything but their advice is horrible. Do your own research people.

9. Remember those bags at the mall

Girl waiting on her boyfriend in best buy

This meme speaks for itself, don’t rush me when I’m inside Best Buy. Ladies can you at least act a little bit interested like we do when you’re in Sephora or the MAC store.

These Best Buy meems are 100% on point!

10. It doesn’t work

What do you mean it doesn't work

It doesn’t work, that computer is trash and I want another one.

11. Just read the features

Best Buy Reddit meme

I saw this Best Buy meme on Reddit, I thought it was fake at first but I if you look closely it’s clearly photoshopped.

Can you imagine if the screens actually said this? That would be hilarious! But seriously, they will read the features from the box to answer any questions you might ask.

12. Meanwhile at customer service

Car crashes into best buy

This jeep drove right into the store and slammed into the customer service counter. Do you think it was an accident?

13. Shopping at Best Buy was worth it

You da real mvp

We went through 13 hilarious Best Buy memes and now we have reached the final one. Shopping at Best Buy can be fun, it can also be sad.

But it can be an out of this world amazing experience when you get that 70inch flat screen for the low after someone returned it for something minor. Praise Jesus!

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