10 Baby Cardi B Memes That Went Viral (Best)

If you haven’t heard about these Baby Cardi B memes by now, you are totally missing out. The Bodak Yellow queen is currently topping the billboards and she has a baby on the way with her husband Offset. Yes, she confirmed it and says she wants to keep the marriage private. (I’m confused too)

Cardi B posted a few throwback photos of her childhood and in one of the photos, young Cardi has her hand on her hip with a little afro posing with the current attitude that she has today. You can see why this photo would be summoned by the internet and turned into a viral meme. Here are some of the best captions we found from Twitter and Instagram cleaned up for your convenience.

1. Watch You

Cardi B Childhood Memes

You have to admit that we have had a sibling or another family member that has said the same exact thing in our childhood. That’s what makes these memes so relatable. Every time I read one of these memes, I read it in her voice. Is that weird? (I hope not)

2. Stay for dinner

By now I’m sure you’re wondering where the rest of those cute little baby Cardi B photos are? You are right, we should’ve shown you those first. Here you go.

Cute right? Back to the baby Cardi B memes

Seriously, guys before we get back, there are so many of these memes on social media that we couldn’t post them all. Make sure you’re following NoWayGirlTV on Instagram.

3. Password

Everyone knew a kid like this on the playground that would make you say some unknown password that they made up just to keep you from going on the slide. My childhood sucked.

4. Y’all got roaches

5. He in jail

This “My Momma said your daddy ain’t in college, he in jail” started it all. This was one of the first little Cardi B memes that went viral.

6. Bite people

7. Take me with you

Baby Cardi B Memes

8. A drug dealer

9. Sit on the couch

Cardi B Childhood Memes

10. It’s my turn

Baby Cardi B Memes

Move over Jay Z jet ski memes, Cardi B memes are taking over the newsfeeds again. If these photos we too much for you to follow, we even make a video for you. Why did we do it? Because we love you, that’s why. What, you don’t remember Mickey’s Club House?

No seriously, the new site is called NoWayGirlTV. The TV part is very important.

Let us know what you think about these tattle-tale baby Cardi B memes in the comments below.


Update: Young Cardi B memes continue to going viral

Guys, it looks like these Cardi B childhood memes are not going to stop anytime soon. Here are a few more of young Cardi B memes that we think you might like.

11. Jehovah Witness

Young Cardi B memes

Everyone has been in this situation when the Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door, our kids can’t like properly like we do! Is that a good thing or bad thing?

12. Take me with you

little cardi b memes

This brought back so many memories of my parents telling me that I have to take my little sister with me. She was annoying as hell. I gotta be real with y’all, I felt this one deep in my soul.

13. Just be quiet little Cardi B

Just trying to save a buck and you kid keeps you honest and embarrasses you in front of everyone.

13. My childhood playing tag

There was always that one kid who made up the rules as they go when playing tag. I think young Cardi B was that kid.

14. Buy a Kia

Cardi B Buy a Kia Here

This photo was taken at a Philadelphia Kia dealership, this is how you properly take a viral trend and use it for marketing. I’m not sure if Cardi B should be receiving a check for this though, what do you think?

15. McDonald’s need to get it together

The ice cream machine don't work

This meme is hilarious and on point at the same time, I don’t think McDonald’s ice cream machine has ever worked, it’s always down.

16. It’s Kulture with a K

On July 11th Cardi B finally gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus. She explained why she gave her baby that name on Twitter.

Like she said, anything else woulda been basic! Her middle name Kiari comes from her father Offset, his real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

If you love challenges, Offset and Lil Yachty’s new song Mickey is responsible for the Zoom Challenge that’s currently going viral right now.

16. Y’all better play with me

Baby Kulture Memes

17. My mama said you can’t hold me

Mama said you can't hold me until you wash your hands baby clothes

I saw this My mama said you can’t hold me until you wash your hands baby outfit on Instagram and I had to include it in this article. It’s the cutest thing ever! I wonder if baby Kulture would wear it?

Do you think little Kulture is going to be a mini version of her loud and brutally honest mother? I hope so! Let us know what you think about these hilarious memes in the comments below.

This post was updated on July, 14th 2018.

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