Top 10 Weird Eyebrow Trends Of 2018 (Funny)

High Heel Eyebrows

I was scrolling my Instagram feed this morning and I saw the craziest thing ever, someone made their eyebrows look like a halo. I told myself that this has got to be one of those new beauty trends, so I went to Google and social media and searched for weird eyebrow trends. I was frozen and shocked in amazement by the things that I saw.

What are weird eyebrow trends?

Eyebrow trends have been around for the past 100 years and I doubt they will be gone anytime soon. Each and every day some beauty guru in a small town or a big city somewhere will always come up with a great idea but some ideas are greater than others, that’s what makes weird eyebrow trends so unique. It’s different.

Here are a few examples of weird brow trends.

Halo eyebrows

Halo Eyebrows
Halo Eyebrows

Believe it or not, the halo brow was started by 16-year-old Hannah Lyne from hannadoesmakeupp. During an interview with POPSUGAR, Hanna said she was having a conversation with a friend on new brow trends while trying to come up with new ideas and all of a sudden, she decided to connect the tails of her eyebrow.

“This look was influenced by fishtail brows; seeing the way my brow flicked upwards inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle.”

– Hannah

The name Halo was suggested by one of Hannah’s fans and now it will remain in the hall of beauty fame forever.

Feather eyebrows

Feather Eyebrows Weird Eyebrows Trends of 2018
Feather Eyebrows

Stella Sironen is a makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland. Yes, it’s the same place, President Donald Trump, and Vladimir had their summit, which inspired many memes and fake GQ Magazine Covers.

Stella is the mastermind behind the feather brows and she decided on April 8, 2017, that this new eyebrow trend will remain in the beauty history books.

so i’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday

– Stella said on Instagram

Credit was given to leevitu, who gave Sironen the idea while brushing her eyebrows.

Braided brows

Braided Eyebrows
Braided Eyebrows

In 2017 braided brows came on to the scene taking over Instagram after squiggle brows but one thing stood out the most to me, they are photoshopped.

A 17-year-old makeup artist from Los Angeles named Eros Gomez braided his eyebrows, well, he braided them with the magic of Photoshop since his brows were not long enough to braid, and then uploaded that photo to his Instagram. Gomez told Allure that he actually tried to braid his brows but it didn’t work.

“I spent almost an hour using things like hair gel and spirit gum in an effort to braid my tiny brow hairs with no avail,”

Gomez told his fans that his braided eyebrows was a joke but that didn’t stop MUA’s and beauty guru’s from trying to braid their own brows.


Wavy eyebrows

Weird Eyebrow Trends
Wavy Eyebrows

We can credit Jessica Broderson for bringing wavy eyebrows to the world. After Jessica uploaded a photo of her ocean-inspired wave action eyeshadow. 

Instagram wasn’t having it at first but after a few other beauty professionals like Huda Kattan tried it out, the wavy eyebrow trend blasted off into cyberspace and into the beauty history books of weird eyebrow trends.

Like Jay Z taking funny photos unintentionally, wavy brows are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Squiggle brows

Squiggle Brows
Squiggle Brows

Just like the wavy brows, squiggle brows made lots of people upsetPromise Tamang, known as the Human Chameleon and makeup magician. I don’t know if she’s really those things but that’s what she calls herself on her Instagram page.

New Brow trend??? When you’re tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this

– Tamang

And just like that, squiggle eyebrows became an instant trend. I don’t think Promise knew she was going to start one of the most controversial eyebrows trends and be included in our Top 10 weird eyebrow trends of 2018.

Fishtail brows

Fishtail eyebrows
Fishtail eyebrows

Instagram user SkyzEditz has been photoshopping fishtail eyebrows on many celebrities like Rihanna and beauty influencers like Huda Kattan.

One day Kattan took one of those edited photos from SkyzEditz and uploaded it on her Instagram and just like her McDonald’s brow and Nike brow, the fishtail eyebrow took off faster than those Baby Cardi B memes.

Fishtail Brows on @hayley_bui 🐟😍 I love this trend

A post shared by Stefan James Oskys (@skyzeditz) on

To this day, skyzeditz still uses Photoshop to change the eyebrows of his favorite celebs and beauty gurus. Follow his Instagram if you like that sorta thing.

Bow brows

Bow Brows Weird Eyebrow Trend
Bow Brows

Lisette Scheffler came up with this new eyebrow look and called it bow brows. Liz is a German self-taught makeup enthusiast that was inspired by the brow trends we mentioned earlier.

Since Brow trends became very popular the last weeks I thought about inventing my own brow trend.

Scheffler told POPSUGAR that she created the bow brow by using a satin brow pencil by Maybelline to draw the outline and then she uses her Benefit brow get to define the look.

“To be honest, I don’t think anyone would leave the house like this, but one girl re-created my bow-brow look and told me that it was really funny. It’s all about fun and creativity,”

Bow eyebrow is all about having fun, people.

Negative space eyebrows

Negative Space Eyebrows
Negative space eyebrows

Kapasovia is the genius behind the trippy negative space eyebrow trend. This France-based MUA shaved her original eyebrows off and draw the outline around the area where her eyebrows would be and filled the area around the outline with a dark shadow.

If you like out of this world makeup and eyebrow looks, you should follow Kapasovia on Instagram.

Split eyebrows

Split Eyebrows
Split Eyebrows

Split eyebrows have been trending on Instagram since 2017 and these brows should not be confused with slit eyebrows, which is a totally different trend. If you’re interested in slit eyebrows, WikiHow has a great article on how to achieve that look but that’s not what we are talking about today.

We can thank Diana Marie for coming up with the split eyebrow trend, it started as a joke or maybe not according to her Instagram.

Brows had makeup across horizontally and was smoothed out with facetune, this is my brow split WITH makeup and smoothed, not photoshop to cut it in half. first squiggle then braided.. let’s now try split!

The look was created by using foundation to create a line right in the middle of your eyebrows and then using FaceTune to give the cut in the foundation a seamless look. I hope you didn’t think you had to actually cut your eyebrows to create this look?

Come on, you know better than that!

High Heel brows

High Heel Eyebrows
High Heel Eyebrows

Finally, we have reached our favorite eyebrow trend.

The high heel eyebrow was created by out favorite photoshop makeup genius Skyzeditz. We talked about him earlier and mentioned how he created the fishtail brow.

👠 Brows @isabellaxchavez

A post shared by Stefan James Oskys (@skyzeditz) on

This look is achieved by having one eyebrow photoshopped into looking like a very tall stiletto high heel shoe, almost exactly like the stiletto emoji on your mobile phones.

Megan Feather reposted one of the photoshopped high heel eyebrow photos and of course, it went viral.

More weird eyebrow trends


There will always be weird eyebrow trends for us to follow and we can thank our favorite beauty influences for new and fresh looks that can inspire us all to be creative but to be honest, I find all these eyebrows trends quite hilarious and I think it’s awesome.

You can always try these different eyebrow types on yourself, the cool thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent, unlike plastic surgery.

Let us know what you think about these crazy brow trends in the comments.

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