Who we are

NOWAYGIRL is an online entertainment company that is meant to serve as an outlet for humorous and entertaining content from around the world. Birthed on the living room floor of a college apartment in Missouri, founder N. Alexander spent long nights developing what he would describe as a filter-free virtual space for a good laugh and a delightful way to brighten up someone’s day. So now I bet you’re asking yourself, what happened to NoWayGirl?


With a background in website development, design and graphic arts, N. Alexander was able to develop his digital media company from the ground up. Over the years, NOWAYGIRL has built up a loyal and engaged following who faithfully visited the website to enjoy the content we provide.  Our core target audience comprises of people ages 18-45. 


What happened to NoWayGirl?

In 2015, with a shift in algorithms via Facebook and Instagram, not many of our loyal fans were able to see or discover our content, fearing we had abandoned them. That was not the case. Much of our content was considered raunchy or Not Safe For Work (NSFW). While we were doing our best to address such content, many of our regular posts stopped showing up on your feeds.

What happened to NoWayGirl Website
The old NoWayGirl

Additionally, many of our photos and posts were flagged and reported by those seeking our demise. Ultimately, our Facebook page was deleted and we knew we needed a shift when we could no longer provide the content our audience grew to enjoy daily. (Like our new NoWayGirlTV Facebook page) Four years and many ideas later, we are back with a new vision for entertaining the masses. We have even branched out into creating content on our YouTube channel, which sparked another idea moving forward.

NoWayGirlTV on YouTube


We started our YouTube channel a year before the new website was created. It was a concept at the time during the peak year of NoWayGirl. It was kinda crappy to be honest, we’re not good at hosting videos.

What are we doing now?

NOWAYGIRL has transitioned and transformed into NOWAYGIRLTV. Our focus now has moved away from quick photo uploads to user generated content, supplemented with video mash-ups and original content via our YouTube channel. Viewers should have access to participate in the conversation about things that interest them and what makes them laugh.  So now you don’t have to ask yourself, what happened to NoWayGirl anymore. We’re new and improved!


No longer do we want our viewers to aimlessly scroll through content. We want our content to be appealing, as we allow our users to participate in a healthy way, by uploading content that they find entertaining and engaging. While the majority of our viewers enjoyed our content via Facebook, we are encouraging all of you to visit the site directly for content and sign up for our newsletter so that you do not miss content from us.

Thank you for sticking around.

We want to take this time to welcome back all of our dedicated followers as well as new visitors. NOWAYGIRLTV has not lost any of the vigor and love for humor that we had with the original NOWAYGIRL. We are here to serve our followers who we hope will continue to visit us and use us as a source of cheerful escape and amusement.

We hope you enjoy the site and the new direction we are taking. Feel free to email us if you have any comments of suggestions for the website.